My PASSION is to ensure we live our lives with AMAZING Energy and Vitality

With over 25 years of experience in the medical field, I have developed an interest in Aesthetics and research. I have therefore started my own niche business ensuring I deliver high standard services. I have established an excellent client base, with some coming back to us for over 10 years now. In recent years I have also been particularly interested in hormone deficiency for both Men and Women due to my Mum’s catastrophic side effects, thought to be through Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) so I looked for a safer alternative. I came across the Marion Gluck Clinic in London that specialises in the Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy and was immediately drawn in. I have been trained in London and decided to further expand my business, now offering Aesthetic Treatments, AfterCare, and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy. My speciality spectrum has now shifted to both internal and external health.


In addition to my own wonderful experience of having cosmetic surgery in one of the largest Clinics in central Europe, Asklepion – Clinic and Institute of Aesthetic Medicine, I’ve created an AfterCare UK service. This service essentially ensures our patients are cared for on their return to the UK, after their surgery. Although, throughout the years, we have also added the option of support in preparing for a cosmetic surgery – area (face and body) assessment, immediate contact with Asklepion and further assistance. I am also available for a personal support in Prague, attending the appointments with patients and offering support throughout the stay. We are aware there is a lot to coordinate therefore if you are interested in more information do not hesitate to contact us.


Our fabulous package includes: Registered Nurse with You at ALL stages of your cosmetic surgery. Support with your preparation for ‘The Asklepion Clinic’ and all of your preoperative examinations as well as Support whilst you are recovering at The Asklepion Clinic. Further Support when you return to the UK – with 3 definitive appointments, for wound and bruising management. A post bruising kit will be included in your fabulous package and progress reports will be sent to your designated Surgeon. * Please ask about our 1 to 1 ‘Exclusivity Package’ where a Registered Nurse will accompany only YOU to ‘The Asklepion Clinic’ *


Our lovely package includes: Registered Nurse Package Support will be given to you when you return back to the UK following cosmetic surgery, 3 definitive appointments for wound and bruising management (anti-bruising kit will be included in your lovely package). A progress report will be sent to your designated Surgeon.


Our comfort package includes: Registered Nurse Package to support you with everything you need to plan prior to going to ‘The Asklepion Clinic’. Support is given with medical questionnaires and photos. Support is given when you return back to the UK and 1 definitive appointment is given to you for wound assessment and bruise management. A post bruising kit will be included in your package (for facial surgery) and a progress report will be sent to your designated Surgeon.

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