The Female Menopause

The word hormone comes from a Greek word that means to ‘excite’, ‘spur on.’ That’s exactly what hormones do within your body. They act as catalysts to spur on chemical changes within your cells that supply energy and aid in development.  If we only look at one of the main female hormones Oestrogen – it is suggested we have approximately 300 different tissues in our bodies are equipped with oestrogen receptors- which is why when we encounter either hormonal imbalance or decline, or even both, we can have severe symptoms.

  • Do you only need bio-identical hormones during the menopause?

  • Surely we’ve just ‘got to get through it’ and then things return back to normal. 

  • Isn’t it dangerous to take any type of hormone including HRT – my GP doesn’t like prescribing it?

  • Our Mams and Grandparents copied – why shouldn’t WE?

  • Isn’t it really expensive to have natural treatment?

  • Why can’t I make lifestyle changes and take vitamins to get through this change in my life?

  • Why can’t I just age naturally?



Watch our short video which simplifies this hormonal changes throughout a womens life.

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