Beverley Ashton

My PASSION is to ensure we live our lives with AMAZING Energy and Vitality


I developed an interest in hormone deficiency for both Men and Women over 20 years ago. My Mam had suffered catastrophic side effects, thought to be through Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) so I looked for a safer alternative.

We are now living longer but current research suggests: we could be living a third of our lives in hormonal decline! My own expereince gave me an insight into the difference balanced hormones could make.

Each of us will age very differently so it is imperative, through a comprehensive consultaion I review how changes in your hormones have impacted Your life. Areas I cover include this PRE-MENSTRUAL Syndrome, PERIMENOPAUSE, MENOPAUSE and of course the often under treated and diagnosised TESTOSTERONE Defiency Syndrome.

The process to ensure your prescription is unique to YOU has 3 specific STAGES:

  • You undergo a comprehensive consultation: booking can be made in SUNDERLAND or MARBELLA.
  • Review of blood tests: hormonal profile and (if required) a full blood profile: inconjuction with pelvic ultrasound scanning
  • Following evaluation and analysis, each prescription is compounded, especially for your own individual symptoms at the only regulated compound Pharmacy in the UK Specialist Pharmacy


We are all unique and require bespoke Bioidentical Hormone Therapy. Each Patient receives a written report, so over a period of time, we can assess and monitor changes, to ensure that the correct prescription and vitamins are precribed.

In the UK and in Marbella, we support our Patients with our ‘Support Group’.

Each week, to patients who are interested in learning more, we send out the current research and additional information.



AESTHETIC PRACTICE (Only Availaible in the UK)

I developed my own Aesthetic Practice, following a professional experience with Botulinum Toxin (Botox) in one of the most innovative Clinics in the world. I’ve gained experience in Botox in areas such as Spasticity, Dystonia and research into Cerebral Palsy.

I felt I could bring my amazing experience and teach other Nurses and, using my skills, I also started to offer that to Patients in my clinic. Everyones muscle is unique and will require individual skillful assessment: offering bespoke unit doses, dependent on individual muscle of both Men and Women.

I love treating Patients, in a slow, timed manner with their own ‘Treatment Plans, unique to them. Plans are all different and may be designed for Medical Skin Peels through to maintaince of a cosmetic surgery.


In addition to my own wonderful experience of having cosmetic surgery in one of the largest Clinics in central Europe, I’ve created  After Care UK service. This provides a care for patients, throughout the UK, who have underwent a cosmetic surgery in the amazing ASKLEPION -Institute of Cosmetic Surgery, PRAGUE.



Please Book Your appointment today or drop us an email describing which one of our services would you would be interested in. We hope to meet YOU very soon!