The Male Andropause

When talking about the Andropause we totally get it, where do you start..







This is why we have highlighted frequently asked questions such as…

Is there such a thing as the male menopause? What exactly is an andropause or low t or testosterone deficiency? Why are there so many terms/definitions?


Doesn’t hormonal decline only belong to women?Why is there controversy about its existence? 


Should we just be allowed to age normally and can I not make changes to my lifestyle which would help raise testosterone naturally?


Is it not dangerous to have testosterone? Can it cause prostate cancer? 


Is it not only for gym bunnies and would it not make me more aggressive ? Is testosterone replacement not available to buy through the internet? 


“I had my bloods done by my GP who told me I was in the normal range, I still feel I could have low T but shouldn’t I not trust blood results?” 


Watch this video and hopefully you will have a better understanding of this topic.

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