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“Following personal experience at the Asklepion Clinic in Prague, it was a vision of mine to bring this service to my patients.”– Beverley Ashton, Owner and Aesthetic Nurse Practioner of Beechwood Aesthetics. Having surgery in the UK or in Europe can be a complex and frightening experience. So why choose the Asklepion clinic in Prague?

The Asklepion Clinic has been awarded the ‘Diamond Quality Certificate’ for safety from the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. (ISAPS)

The largest clinic in central Europe.

Up to 50% less expensive than UK costs, however this does not reflect the standard care and results many of our patients have experienced.

We have gradually learned that for these clients there are different needs and thus varied approaches. With this in mind, we have created different models of treatment and care. Price savings in Prague are great anyway but the degree of input from Beechwood Aesthetics in the three listed packages is reflected in the price of each…

1st Model of Treatment and Care

Go, with our support and experience, to Prague by yourself or with a friend/partner and return to After Care at Beechwood Aesthetics.

2nd Model of Treatment and Care

You can come over to Prague with Bev on one of our three-yearly groups in August, November and February.

Pre Care in Prague and After Care packages are also available which consists of:

  • Attending all Pre-Op appointments at the Asklepion Clinic and discsussions with your designated Surgeon
  • Post-treatments face-to-face appointments with a Registered Nurse, at pivotal stages of your recovery
  • A report will be complied, at each stage of your care and sent to your dedicated Surgeons
  • After-Care is optional, however it is highly recommended.

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Belgicka Hotel

At BA we would recommend to stay at the Belgicka Hotel! It is around the corner from the Asklepion clinic and consists of spacious, self-catering apartments, which have the added benefit of 24 hour reception, breakfast and room cleaning every two days. It is friendly and impeccable and whilst having a luxurious appearance, it is not expensive.


Please ‘Click on the LINK below for a preferential rate at the AMAZING Belgicka

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Gain first-hand insight into the 7 most popular procedures at Asklepion…

Max’s Rhinoplasty Journey

“Before I start my own personal journey of getting my new nose, I really want to say cosmetic surgery isn’t for everyone and no one should ever feel they should be pressured to go down this route but if something is bothering YOU.. my view is to do something about it! I so love my new nose: I can’t tell you how much it has increased my confidence and even though many people said “I didn’t need it” I knew I did – the best thing I’ve ever done! So, here is my story…” -Max Ashton

Click Here to download Max’s full journey of his Rhinoplasty.

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