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We know that exercise and diet can have a great impact on our health and perceived age, but it is also scientifically proven that we age as our hormones decline: fatigue, weight gain, mood swings, poorer sex life, depression…these are just some of the symptoms I hear my patients suffer…
And yet there is still so much controversy surrounding HORMONES ….

You may be thinking: should I take them? Hasn’t research show they are not safe? My doctor doesn’t recommend them. I’ve had a history of breast cancer in my family so I can’t take any hormones.

I’d love to share my experience of over 3 years of taking Bioidentical Hormones and take You through the HISTORY and give You INSIGHT into WHY this is an AMAZING option for You to consider!

When considering Bioidentical Hormones I’m here to answer all of these questions, and more, for You, such as long term use and safety precautions.

Everyone’s treatment is individualised, based upon their own unique profile with the aim of restoring body to optimum health and vitality.  

Bio-identical hormone replacement is just as important for men’s health.

WE know when  HORMONES are in balance our lives can be AMAZING…

The Specialist Pharmacy in London compounds hormones into creams in a professional process that delivers tailored medication, precisely meeting your needs.

Bioidentical Hormones are only prescribed following a recognised evaluation of Your physical and psychological symptoms and Biochemical Hormone blood analysis,  Your specific prescription may be titrated to maintain hormonal balance according to mandatory blood tests and pelvic ultrasound scan. 

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