Why are  we different?

  • We have been accredited from Glasgow University for studying Facial Anatomy
  • Referral to the ‘largest cosmetic clinic in central Europe’ the Asklepion Clinic and Institute of Aesthetic Medicine in Prague and After Care TM on return to the UK.
  • We are a Training Centre and undertake regular Aesthetic Research with Platelet Rich Plasma in the areas of Skin Rejuvenation: Acne Scarring and Hair Restoration 
  • We specialise in Bioidentical Hormones CLICK here for further information


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Amazing….Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet Rich Plasma is not a new medical treatment. It has been administered for the treatment of burns, scars, wound healing, orthopaedic and plastic surgery for many years and is favoured for its healing properties. Latest research suggests great benefits, combined with medical needling, in the areas of skin rejuvenation, hair restoration, stretch marks and even helping with  erogenous zones..knew that would get your attention.. ABCDE

  • Most aesthetic treatments begin their lives in the medical arena… you know I worked with Botox for many years in the areas where over active muscle  in conditions such as, eye squint, stroke and cerebral palsy are treated with Botox.
  • PRP has  a medical history in sports injuries, due to its healing qualities and sport celebrities such as Rafael Nadal,Tiger Woods, have had PRP to support surgery and to help speed recovery from knee injuries.
  • It’s very simple, we all have platelets in our blood which contribute to clotting and healing…think about when you cut yourself platelets are responsible for the growth factors which produce new collagen, new tissue regeneration and healing takes place.
  • When Platelet Rich Plasma is used during and aesthetic treatment In the same process takes places.  Only this time the platelets are extremely concentrated, ensuring lots of growth factors stimulate new tissue regeneration.
  • When your blood sample  is centrifuged, your platelets are separated from your red blood cells  (a complete separation from the red blood cells (a complete separation from the red blood cells, as Cellenis PRP provides, is really important). The preparation process further concentrates your platelets to ensure maximum benefit from your very own growth factors.

Medical Needling

  • Derma2Skin rejuvenation takes place by using  an electronic medical needling device combined with PRP therapy and optional  hyaluronic acid (which is a fabulous skin hydrator).
  • Medical needling is a fantastic intervention. The tiny needles create ‘pin prick’. surface of your skin. ‘Your powerhouse’ (the Dermis) responds to by creating and building new skin tissue.

So…whats VITAL when considering this AMAZING Treatment…

  • PRP SYSTEMS BA BloodWe conducted extensive research and have chosen CELLENIS PRP.  Cellenis PRP is backed by  immense research and development and is the market leader in the US and  rapidly becoming that way in the UK and Europe as well.
  • TECHNOLOGY by choosing Cellenis PRP,  we have invested in the latest technology to provide acquire the best quality platelets, which ultimately will produce you with the highest quality PRP to use for your designated treatment.
  • MEDICAL NEEDLING DEVICE We offer the latest electronic medical needling device, which delivers thousands of micro columns needling in your skin, research suggests this delivery is more comfortable than traditional dermarollers.
  • RESEARCH  We are committed to continue to bring to YOU the latest  research.
  • YOU .. We are committed to unhurried delivery of your treatment, we know that a calm environment  is associated with a greater experience for you and less bruising, so you can enjoy your results and return to your lifestyle sooner!

Treatments using Platelet Rich Plasma…

Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is probably the most exciting progressive treatment. Ive been lucky enough to be exposed to. Platelet Rich Plasma is not a ‘new treatment’ but there is reference to PRP in medical arena with extensively in specialities of dermatology, orthopaedics, dentistry and cardiac surgery. So why is this amazing treatment been excitingly used in facial aesthetics?

  • PRP is a unique aesthetic treatment in that  several different growth factors are stimulated including collagen, bone and soft tissue.
  • It is an ideal treatment for Patients who wish to have a natural treatment rejuvenating  areas such as skin, neck hands and decolletage.
  • You cannot have an allergic reaction to your own platelets
  • Its a lovely natural treatment, ideal for Patients who want to keep their secret to themselves..!

Price £400- €480 (60 minutes treatment time)

3 Treatments are highly recommended ..followed by a booster treatment every 6 to 12 months.

Electronic Medical Needling

This is a simple treatment in which electronic tiny needles cause ‘damage’ to the surface of the skin in response to this the dermis produces new collagen. The needles are super tiny and do not hurt, as you skin is initially numbed  with local anaesthetic. This is good for ageing, dull or scarred skin. 3 to Treatments are recommended depending on facial assessment.

Price from £175 (one area of the face) to £500 (face, neck, hands and £100 extra for stretch marks) €210 to €600.

 A skin hydrator which is an intense moisturiser infused with hyaluronic acid can be included in this treatment which results in brighter and more hydrated skin. (5 vials an average treatment are £50-€60)   (60 minutes+ treatment time)

PRP and Electronic Medical Needling

Current research suggests to combine both treatments together you create an amazing synergistic effect. (Electronic Medical Needling area for this treatment includes the areas of the entire face, neck and hands) in combination with Platelet Rich Plasma. When combining these 2 treatments together of PRP and Medical Needling

Price £600- €780, SAVING… £200 (120 minutes treatment time)

PRP PRO and Electronic Medical Needling

This is a treatment with Platelet Rich Plasma which offers an extra (test tube of Platelet Rich Plasma) an example is treatment for face, neck and hands an  additional area may be stretch marks, this treatment offers approximately 14mls of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). When combining these double  treatments together of 2 testubes of PRP equating to 14mls of Platelet Rich Plasma  and Medical Needling involving face, neck hands and stretch marks.

Price £1000-€1200, SAVING… £300 (180 minutes treatment time)

PRP Electronic Medical Needling and Dermal Filler Restylane Perlane

This is a premier treatment (often described as a ‘Vampire Facelift’)  using three key treatments of PRP and Medical Needling and Dermal Filler. This is a wonderful treatment option  with the aim of recreating volume loss, which we begin to see from the age 30. This is a lovely treatment and relates to 1ml Restylane Perlane.

Price £900-€1080, SAVING… £200 (120 minutes treatment time)


Lovely options… for your Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment

Introducing Magic Needles

I really wanted to offer YOU a new way of receiving your treatment and so with that in mind we wanted to intoduce to you ‘Magic Needles’ which includes a small needle and a blunt ended longer needle we refer to as a cannula.

Commonly asked questions:

  • How do they differ from the ‘normal needles’ I usually have with my dermal filler?
  • What difference will they make to my treatment?
  • How expensive are they?







  • There is an initial insertion of a small needle followed by a cannula, it allows me  to control the movement  and have more flexibility into the area I wish to inject, with the great benefit of only having one insertion point and doing this without damaging the skin. The benefits of a cannula are that they allow flexibility.
  • Research suggests that patients experience less bleeding, swelling and bruising and pain at the injection sites (this is because the blunt tip of the cannulas push blood vessels aside instead of puncturing them).  Less bruising and swelling allows for a faster recovery.  Its is also reported that patients can return to their normal lives sooner.
  • And finally …the most important  factor its is reported that cannulas are safer.. due to their blunt ended structure.
  • For a normal TREATMENT the additional cost is approximately £20-€24. (depending on how many cannulas needed)
Fabulous Skin Treatments

As we age one of skin lubricants we lose is hyaluronic acid it is a powerful moisturiser providing plumpness to our skin, we need hyaluronic acid to support and hydrate collagen and elastin. However from the ages of 30 our hyaluronic acid reduces our skin becomes dehydrated, collagen and elastin lose their structure, skin volume and wrinkles appear. HA

The 3 fundamental ways we can receive hyaluronic acid backs into our skin is:

  • Medical grade skin creams.
  • Injections such as Restylane Perlane.
  • Hydrluronic acid is Infused into your skin with the support of  Electronic Medical Needling which causes tiny holes into the surface of your skin.
  • This treatment can be combined with PRP to create a beautiful synergistic effect of beautiful hydrated skin.
  • The cost of 5 ampules of Hyaluronic Acid is  £50-€60.

Post Treatment Pack

Beechwood Aesthetics twist as the post treatment support  pack which has 4 items  to help you through your first few days and can be kept in preparation for your next treatment including in the post operative pack is…

Auriderm XO

(Vitamin K cream which helps redness,bruising and swelling), research suggests that bruising time is halved when vitamin K is applied on any bruised areas, it works by breaking down any blood ‘pooling’ which may have formed following injections. (for further to advice for bruising please check our bruiting protocol under ‘SUPPORT for YOU’ on our website).


Heliocare SpF 50 XF

Sun protection is vital in all weathers, we need at least an SpF 30 in the winter but following any skin procedure its so important to protected any treated skin.

Light and dark concealers 

Two skin concealers- dark concealer and light  for any surface bruising, the dark concealer is great for contouring any bruise, the concealer work by applying a darker than normal colour over any bruise and then applying the lighter shade to tone in with your normal make up.


…are recommended following facial treatment, especially on the first evening of the day following treatment, if possible when sleeping try and elevate your pillows. Remember facial swelling is a normal reaction which should subside within 24-48 hours, for excessive facial swelling please call 24 hours on 0191 5654217 or 07914 901138.

The cost of the post treatment pack is £50-€60.

Our Case Study Research…

3 patients experience with PRP:

Anna, Aged 62, First Aesthetic Treatment

Anna had experienced a really tough year, she had ‘lost’ several relatives and it really seemed to tell on her face. Still a very beautiful slim woman, who was proud of her career, Anna had thought for a while about having some ‘aesthetic work’ but had seen too many celebrities ‘over done’.  Following a comprehensive  facial assessment Anna took a ‘leap of faith in me’  and I decided to blocked out an entire morning to perform Anna’s first aesthetic treatment ever! I reassured Anna no one else would be in Clinic which was a concern Anna had decided to keep her treatment a ‘secret’.  We put together a PRP package with medical needling: for face, neck and hands in combination with 1mls x 2 of Resylane Perlane for volume loss. Anna invested in 2 cannulas at an additional cost of £20 and a post treatment pack. We co-ordinated an appointment for Anna 24 hours later it was great to see only a very small bruise which was already fading.  There is research to suggest that 3 PRP appointments are required to acquire the best results from this amazing treatment further appointments are organised for  October and November…’As Anna left to pop into town ..she stated Im really pleased with it, its Anna’s secret!

Beautiful Woman 

James, Aged 31, Hair Thinning

Over the past few years James had notice that his hair was thinning he felt his Dad started to look back at him in the mirror! Despite cutting his hair very short around the sides he was struggling to hide his thinning top. Again he was anxious to keep his appointment when he would not bump into anyone in the Clinic therefore we arranged a late evening appointment. He very kindly allowed us to share with you his pre-treatment photos, we will share his results with you over the coming months.

GB1 thumbnail_FullSizeRender

Danielle aged 31, Showing Initial Signs of Ageing

Danielle had always ‘looked after herself’ but even at her young age she started to notice changes in her skin and volume loss, a great advocate of Vitamin A and sun protection, she was looking for a natural looking treatment. Danielle  was particularly interested in the latest interested combination medical needling and PRP.  Danielle has very kindly allowed me to share her first pre and post treatment, Sam is committed to 2 further treatment (the second one she will have a ‘Vampire Facelift’ by adding in Restylane Perlane to help support volume loss.

First Treatment Danielle